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* Serie de sierras verticales de corte transversal para el corte de placa o bloques
* Serie de bloques- Para trabajo pesado- Corte recto.
* NC/SNC Programable- Producción en masa Vautomática
* Serie AH- Automática-Producción en masa.
* Sierras para materiales de construcción.
* Sierras de propósito general.

Productivity Performance Dedication

Desde su fundación en 1976, Cosen ha
mantenido su crecimiento, para convertirse en uno de los más grandes fabricantes profesionales de máquinas de sierra cinta para el corte de metales.

Hoy COSEN produce más de 100 modelos diferentes, incluyendo modelos manuales, semi-automáticos y automáticos de control numérico, modelos para corte de estructurales, sierras para barras, sierras de corte angular, sierras para corte de (more ...)

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Manual Swivel Vise Mitering
Model Number : MH-1016JA/SH-1016JA
Design Style : Hinge Type

Cosen Saws - Specifications

Max. Capacity


250 mm (10")
Square 230 mm (9")
Rectangular(H x W) 230 x 370 mm (9" x 14.5")
Saw Blade Speed 50Hz 19,31,48,78 m/min (62,102,157,256 fpm)
60Hz 23,37,58,93 m/min (75,121,190,305 fpm)
Size (LxWxT) 3350L x 27W x 0.9Tmm
(132" x 1.06" x 0.035")
Tension Manual
Motor Output Saw Blade 2 HP (1.5 KW)
Hydraulic 0.25 HP (0.1875 KW) (for SH-1016JA only)
Coolant 1/8 HP (0.1 KW)
Table Height 650 mm (25.6")
Net Weight 432 kgs (950 lbs)
Floor Space(LxWxH) 1600 x 710 x 1110 mm
(63" x 28" x 43.7")
Shipping Space(LxWxH) 1700 x 787 x 1220 mm
(67" x 31" x 48")

Cosen Saws - Machine Features

MH-1016JA Machine Features

    • Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder with precision ground hinge support

    • Cast iron quick set up vise

    • Large rugged base with built-in coolant & hydraulic system
Blade Drive

    • 2 hp motor, heavy-duty reducer, & variable step drive assembly

    • 4-speed transmission with the best worm gear and shaft

Blade Guidance & Lubrication System
    • Carbide blade guides with roller bearings
    • Two additional bearings to support blade from the top
    • Rigid guide arms mounted on extra wide precision ground dovetail slide
    • Integral coolant system
    • Blade brush
Control & Automation
    • Down feed rate & cutting pressure control via hydraulic down feed valve
    • Conveniently designed control station at chest level
Material Feeding & Clamping

    • Cast iron vises

    • Secure clamping via dependable manual lead screw system

    • Anti-slip hand wheel

    • Conduits protection measure
    • Orange alert safety design
Standard Accessories

    • Easy blade change with front access at waist level

    • Bi-metal saw blade

    • Tool box, leveling pads, and an additional wire brush
    • Operation & parts manual
*All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation


Cosen Saws - Floor plan


Cosen Saws USA. 11626B Wilmar Blvd Charlotte, NC 28273
Toll Free number 1-877-SAWING1 and 704-943-1030
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