SNC Automatic Swivel Head Double Mitering

Featuring in the Smart NC-100 technology, COSEN’s NC Automatic Miter-Cutting Band Saw is the way to boost your productivity in miter-cutting jobs. With SNC-100, you will be able to enjoy the following conveniences:.Programming up to 100 individual jobs including quantity and cutoff length with our 5.7” HMI touch screen .Easily recalling and executing stored programs at will.Automatic kerf loss compensation & automatic multiple indexing up to 6500 mm (650”).Automatic machine shutoff after cutting jobs complete or when out of stock.Rapid troubleshooting through error feedback system.Convenient access to blade speed, blade life, optional motor amp draw and optional blade deviation.




±45°  +60°
450 mm (17.7")
450 mm (17.7")
300 mm (11.8")
20-100 m/min (66-330 fpm)
5800 x 41 x 1.3 mm (228"x 1.6"x 0.05") 
7.5 HP (5.6 kW)
2 HP (1.5 kW)
1/4 HP (0.1875 kW)   
1000 mm (39.4), Max. 6500 mm (256")
750 mm (29.5")
3800 kgs (8360 lbs)
4230 x 3300 x 2720 (166.5" x 130" x 107")
Capacity Round
Capacity Rectangle(HxW)

Blade Speed
Blade Size (LxWxT)
Blade Motor
Hydraulic Motor
Coolant Motor
Automatic Indexing Length
Workbed Height
Gross Weight
Floor Space (LxWxH)
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*Machines may be shown with some options.