Technical Characteristics and Production Line Layout

Main Technical Features

High-Standard CNC Controller. Equipped with the latest CPU, our CNC contributes to smooth performance and short reaction time of multispindle machine.

Automatic Tool Changer. Our servo-driven tool changer allows automatic, fast, and smooth tool changing by simply taping on your HMI screen.

Control Panel with 14”Colored Touchscreen. IPC-compatible touchscreen as your standard accessory

SSS Control (Super Smooth Surface). This function suppresses the vibrations of the tool, enabling higher machining stability, higher production accuracy, and better product quality.

3D Programming Software. This 3D programming software allows you to import CAD/CAM files to automatically generate drilling layouts with optimized accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

In-the-moment Prevention and Alarm Notification. Our remote monitoring system improves your production management, including maintenance schedule, program optimization, troubleshooting, and processing time countdown.

Program Customization Service. Our professional programmers can continuously upgrade the program according to customer needs.



Production Line Layout