Cosen offers predictive and preventive maintenance on bandsaws to help you minimize risks of interrupted production. | High-Precision Automation Equipment for Efficient Manufacturing

Machine Health Check & Maintenance for Bandsaw Machine | Cosen's branded bandsaws are available for sales in 80 countries, including North America (Since 1989), Cosen has, from the very start, set its mission clear on competing directly with the best in the world.

Machine Health Check & Maintenance for Bandsaw Machine

Bandsaw Machine Health Check & Maintenance

Cosen offers predictive and preventive maintenance on bandsaws to help you minimize risks of interrupted production.

Machine health is key to smooth uninterrupted production, and the health condition of your bandsaws, which work as the first step of all fabrication work, is crucial. Cost of rescue to get that machine back working could be surprisingly high. This is where Cosen's Bandsaw Machine Health Check and Maintenance Program comes in to help you predict and prevent component failures leading machine shutdowns.

Schedule a thorough bandsaw machine health checkup with Cosen.

How it goes

Analyze current condition -> Quote, confirm order, schedule appointment -> Perform health check.

Analyze current condition:

Customer provides information on model type, serial number, purchase date and a video clip of the machine in use. Cosen analyzes and suggests on what to maintain and/or replace based on information provided. These parts will be prepared and brought/sent to customer upon confirmed order. For machines located abroad, service engineers from Cosen Service Network will be commissioned for contact, review and preparation of the job involved.

Quote, confirm order, schedule appointment

Based on our discussions and the scope of machine health check and maintenance required, Cosen makes a price offer. Upon acceptance, an appointment will be made on the date and time that is convenient for you to stop production temporarily.

Perform health check & maintenance:

Cosen service engineers go through the steps to clean, maintain on machines and examine the wear and tear of the machine. We also check whether your machine has been properly operated, calibrate parts and confirm the maintenance points with your operators when necessary. Like cars, machines need to be regularly and properly maintained to keep the mileage going.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Online machine health check and self-maintenance

Live Video Session: Schedule a video session with our engineers to analyze machine together. Online demonstrations are available so you can follow step by step.
Training Videos: We have made videos with demonstrations to teach you how to check and replace parts on your own.

WHAT YOU CAN ALSO DO: Installing machine health diagnosis system

CPC Connect is a sophisticated health diagnosis system featuring Big Data Analytics technology that collects and analyzes cutting data from your machines and delivers your own Cutting Intelligence Report that is graphical and easy to understand. In the short run, it tells you what is normal and abnormal about your current cuts based on the normal distribution model it has established on your previous cuts. In the longer run, CPC Connect helps you make comparisons amongst different machines, tools and parameters and understand how to best optimize your cuts.

CPC Connect includes the following features:

  • Mobile cloud computing service delivered to mobile devices
  • Bandsaw machine usage tracking report
  • Mobile monitoring on bandsaw machine status (cutting, idle, alarm or shutdown)
  • Instant report on bandsaw utilization rate
  • Notification to mobile device on bandsaw machine alarms
  • Cutting jobs monitoring and parameters tracking
  • Realtime bandsaw blade health analysis
  • Automatic cutting report delivering
  • Online machine check and user management
CPC Connect Portable Bandsaw Machine Health Check System
CPC Connect Portable Bandsaw Machine Health Check System

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Bandsaw Machine Health Check & Maintenance | Integrate Cutting-Edge Robotics into Your Manufacturing Process

Cosen Mechatronic, based in Taichung, Taiwan since 1976, is a top manufacturer of high-quality CNC bandsaws. Specializing in innovative and precise solutions for automotive, aerospace, and construction industries, Cosen ensures reliability and efficiency in all its products. Committed to superior performance and comprehensive customer support, Cosen Mechatronic enhances productivity and operational efficiency globally.

Cosen was rated as the No. 1 Sawing Equipment Brand by U.S. Metal Center News in 2015 and 2022. In 2016, the company launched the world's first Industry 4.0 Sawing Performance & Health Prognosis App - positioning itself as the technology leader in band saw manufacturing. Cosen manufactures a variety of bandsaws designed for cutting metal materials, distributing its products worldwide. With extensive experience and expertise in bandsaw manufacturing, we provide a diverse range of cutting capabilities tailored to meet the demands of industries including construction, automotive, transportation, wind power generation, and beyond.

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