Cosen’s years of experiences in bandsaw machine production combined with local service teams around the world provide complete cutting solutions. | High-Precision Automation Equipment for Efficient Manufacturing

Cosen Team is full of energy, encourages each other, focuses on realization, and gives customers the best support | Cosen's branded bandsaws are available for sales in 80 countries, including North America (Since 1989), Cosen has, from the very start, set its mission clear on competing directly with the best in the world.

Cosen Team is full of energy, encourages each other, focuses on realization, and gives customers the best support

The Cosen Team

Cosen’s years of experiences in bandsaw machine production combined with local service teams around the world provide complete cutting solutions.

Cosen Team is made of staff experienced in mechanical engineering, electrical control & HMI, human factors engineering & aesthetics, information technology and AI technology. These professionals with different fields of expertise and cultural backgrounds are the foundation how Cosen can make saws to meet different customer needs and to let customers cut worry-free.

Work as a team. Continue to improve and innovate. These are Cosen's everyday practices.

Cosen Team members includes:

Founder & Chairman: Mr. Mike Huang

“Endurance is essential to reaching that mountain top and the next peak after it. Let’s keep walking.”
As a passionate mountaineer, Mike creates and defines Cosen brand with the same spirit and character. Continuously pursuing excellence and innovations in product and process, Mike has laid a solid foundation in the factory to achieve corporate sustainability. From the start, Mike was set to market Cosen brand to the world with a global perspective and prove Taiwan's quality and durability. Now we all gladly witness Cosen top the Cutting Service brand chart in the United States for two consecutive years. This cannot be done without constantly insisting on quality and satisfying customers, which are our missions here at Cosen.

R&D Department

“Innovate boldly and prove it carefully”

Cosen’s R&D team employs professional software to turn customers’ ideas into 3D design. What’s more, our R&D engineers constantly bring in the latest technology e.g. perform modal analysis on mechanical design to ensure machine rigidity, durability and in turn ensure all of our customers reliable quality for their many years of use.

Automation Control Department

“Machines are designed for safe, comfortable and effective human use.”

Cosen designs our own software program in order to achieve the best combination of machine precision and user operability. We incorporate the latest Industry 4.0 technology in the design of visualizing machine operation experience to make operation and production worry-free. The mission for all staff at the Automation Control Department is to give customers a whole new experience feeling more connected to machine than ever.

Sales Department

“Create profits for customers and grow together”

Cosen is always at customers’ sides to listen. This is the most important thing next to offering quality machine and helping customers create profits for their business. And this is what we have done for customers we have the privilege to serve for decades.

Cosen’s sales force is present globally joined by local machine tool professionals. From presenting Cosen machine experiences at international and local shows, understanding market dynamics and customer expectations of different countries, helping dealers offer instant troubleshooting are all part of our jobs to bring value for customers.

Each Cosen sales representative is your cutting consultant. We provide cutting solution analysis and recommendations for customers with different applications from different factories, industries and countries. We see customer as part of the family. That’s why we place your needs above the rest.

Administration Department

“Global service platform for customers. Efficient resource integration for all. ”

For customers, Cosen provides online service platforms: and to provide product updates, spare parts program and Industry 4.0 real-time machine management tool. Internally, Cosen employs ERP, SCM, CRM to integrate supply chain resources from suppliers to customers, enable effective management through data visibility.

Cosen value internal commutations and training so all members of Cosen Team continue to progress in giving our best to customers.

The Cosen Team | Integrate Cutting-Edge Robotics into Your Manufacturing Process

Cosen Mechatronic, based in Taichung, Taiwan since 1976, is a top manufacturer of high-quality CNC bandsaws. Specializing in innovative and precise solutions for automotive, aerospace, and construction industries, Cosen ensures reliability and efficiency in all its products. Committed to superior performance and comprehensive customer support, Cosen Mechatronic enhances productivity and operational efficiency globally.

Cosen was rated as the No. 1 Sawing Equipment Brand by U.S. Metal Center News in 2015 and 2022. In 2016, the company launched the world's first Industry 4.0 Sawing Performance & Health Prognosis App - positioning itself as the technology leader in band saw manufacturing. Cosen manufactures a variety of bandsaws designed for cutting metal materials, distributing its products worldwide. With extensive experience and expertise in bandsaw manufacturing, we provide a diverse range of cutting capabilities tailored to meet the demands of industries including construction, automotive, transportation, wind power generation, and beyond.

Cosen has been providing customers with automated assembly line solutions since 1976, utilizing advanced technology and 55 years of experience to ensure each customer's demands are met.