Cosen Mechatronics Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1976, staffed by over 150, Cosen which has 45 years of bandsaw manufacturing experience is one of the world's leading band saw manufacturers with a broad product line and a global sales network.

Cosen offers metal cutting solutions including bandsaw cutting, beamline drilling, production line planning and AI predictive computing


Cosen offers metal cutting solutions including bandsaw cutting, beamline drilling, production line planning and AI predictive computing.

Cutting, as the first step in manufacturing, is what Cosen has to offer. Known for our strong R&D capabilities, Cosen has stood the test of time in the metalworking machinery industry around the globe.

We provide diverse, advanced metal working solutions, such as metal cutting bandsaw, beamline drilling, production line planning, and AI predictive computing system, making your production line more intelligent and flexible.

Our bandsaw portfolio covers from manual, semi-automatic, automatic to super high performance CNC bandsaws with capacity ranging from 200 mm to 2200 mm. Cosen bandsaws have cut from common ferrous, non-ferrous to special material like graphite, tires, slag to honeycomb. Extended from our long years of bandsaw building, Cosen now also offers design and manufacture of complete production line to include sawing and drilling, all in one.

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Special Material Cutting - Cosen has successfully helped our customers cut graphite, tires, slag, honeycomb panels, ceramic steel, steel-aluminum cladded plates and etc. with customized design

Special Material Cutting

Band saws are not only widely used in metal cutting, but are also often the best choice in the field...

Fully Automated Beam Drill Saw Line - With streamlined production flow and varying machines integrated, you get to save unnecessary moving of goods, floor space, labor

Fully Automated Beam Drill Saw Line

Drilling and sawing are no longer stand-alone machines. They can now work back-to-back and give you many...

Beam Drill Line System - Drilling machine, material feeding system, cross/transfer conveyor system for beam drill line

Beam Drill Line System

A complete beam drill line system consists of multiple systems including the drilling machine itself,...

Beam Drill Line - Optional Accessories - Tool holders and tools you need for drilling, milling, tapping and scribing on a beam drill line

Beam Drill Line - Optional Accessories

Cosen provides a complete range of beam drill line tooling including drilling, milling, tapping, scribing,...

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High-Precision Automation Equipment for Efficient Manufacturing

Cosen Mechatronic, based in Taichung, Taiwan since 1976, is a top manufacturer of high-quality CNC bandsaws. Specializing in innovative and precise solutions for automotive, aerospace, and construction industries, Cosen ensures reliability and efficiency in all its products. Committed to superior performance and comprehensive customer support, Cosen Mechatronic enhances productivity and operational efficiency globally.

Cosen was rated as the No. 1 Sawing Equipment Brand by U.S. Metal Center News in 2015 and 2022. In 2016, the company launched the world's first Industry 4.0 Sawing Performance & Health Prognosis App - positioning itself as the technology leader in band saw manufacturing. Cosen manufactures a variety of bandsaws designed for cutting metal materials, distributing its products worldwide. With extensive experience and expertise in bandsaw manufacturing, we provide a diverse range of cutting capabilities tailored to meet the demands of industries including construction, automotive, transportation, wind power generation, and beyond.

Cosen has been providing customers with automated assembly line solutions since 1976, utilizing advanced technology and 55 years of experience to ensure each customer's demands are met.