We help you optimize production throughput by putting machine, material, personnel and safety in the equation. | High-Precision Automation Equipment for Efficient Manufacturing

Cosen loves to think with you on production line planning and get it right from the start | Cosen's branded bandsaws are available for sales in 80 countries, including North America (Since 1989), Cosen has, from the very start, set its mission clear on competing directly with the best in the world.

Cosen loves to think with you on production line planning and get it right from the start

Production Line Planning for Bandsaw Machine

We help you optimize production throughput by putting machine, material, personnel and safety in the equation.

“How should my bandsaw machine fit into the production line?” This is one of the questions that gets asked when purchasing a new equipment. There are many factors to consider:
• How much floor space will the machine take?
• How long is the material and from which direction should it be fed in and out?
• How should I arrange my operators and keep them safe in the production area?
• Is the ground solid and flat enough for cutting and precision machining? Should I redo my foundation and if so, how? How much weight will it need to sustain? How flat does it need to be to get the right levelling of all equipment to ensure cutting quality?
• When machine is oversized, should I excavate the foundation to minimize both material and personnel having to move up and down so much? If so, how deep should I dig? What other potential risks are there to look into?
• Where is the power supply? How should I arrange the power cable and how long does it need to be? Are there protection switches?
• Where should I place safety fences and safety doors?
• Where should the chips go to? And what parts of machine do I need to perform maintenance? How should I make these maintenance points easy to access?
• I need to streamline the work process with other machines. How can I make these different machines collaborate?

Lots to consider but you can also hand all these to the hands of Cosen Team. After visiting you on-site, we will make our recommendations with a proposed layout. A successful turnkey project often requires many times of back and forth discussions. We are happy to walk you through this process until your new production system kicks off and makes money for you.

Production Line Planning:

Examine production site -> Cosen provides production plan proposal -> Confirm project scope and make offer

Examine production site

Checking list includes available floor space, designated machine location, condition of foundation, chip evacuation, operator movements, power supply arrangement and etc.


Cosen provides proposal including production layout drawing and explanations in details so you know what preparation is necessary before starting the project. Our proposal includes:
• Machine layout plan
• Power supply plan
• Material entry/exit plan with roller table layout
• Foundation illustration
• Safety fence plan
• Chip removal layout

Confirm project scope and make offer

Together we confirm the scope of the work involved then an official price offer will be offered to you.

Production Line Planning for Bandsaw Machine | Integrate Cutting-Edge Robotics into Your Manufacturing Process

Cosen Mechatronic, based in Taichung, Taiwan since 1976, is a top manufacturer of high-quality CNC bandsaws. Specializing in innovative and precise solutions for automotive, aerospace, and construction industries, Cosen ensures reliability and efficiency in all its products. Committed to superior performance and comprehensive customer support, Cosen Mechatronic enhances productivity and operational efficiency globally.

Cosen was rated as the No. 1 Sawing Equipment Brand by U.S. Metal Center News in 2015 and 2022. In 2016, the company launched the world's first Industry 4.0 Sawing Performance & Health Prognosis App - positioning itself as the technology leader in band saw manufacturing. Cosen manufactures a variety of bandsaws designed for cutting metal materials, distributing its products worldwide. With extensive experience and expertise in bandsaw manufacturing, we provide a diverse range of cutting capabilities tailored to meet the demands of industries including construction, automotive, transportation, wind power generation, and beyond.

Cosen has been providing customers with automated assembly line solutions since 1976, utilizing advanced technology and 55 years of experience to ensure each customer's demands are met.