47 years of continual focus in bandsaw design, production, and innovation | High-Precision Automation Equipment for Efficient Manufacturing

47 years of continuous focus on bandsaw design, production, and innovation by the manufacturer | Cosen's branded bandsaws are available for sales in 80 countries, including North America (Since 1989), Cosen has, from the very start, set its mission clear on competing directly with the best in the world.

47 years of continuous focus on bandsaw design, production, and innovation by the manufacturer

About Cosen

47 years of continual focus in bandsaw design, production, and innovation

Cosen manufactures bandsaws that give you fast, accurate and reliable cuts. For more than four decades, we have been designing bandsaw machines and pursuing innovations in cutting technology to make you cut faster and easier.

Large Portfolio for All Industrial Cutting Needs

Cosen has a large portfolio from which you will certainly find the right bandsaw. Our bandsaw machines range from 200 mm to 2000 mm in capacity and comes in manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Whether you are cutting it straight across or along the sides, making angle cuts with one angle or multiple angles, cutting rectangle or hexagonal bundles of tubes, irregular shapes or cutting slots on a block, we either already have or can customize to what you need.

Cosen has helped customers cut ferrous and non-ferrous materials of all sorts, e.g. titanium alloy, explosion-bonded triclad plate, heat exchangers, steel slags and etc. Tires, ceramics, and honeycomb panels are a few examples of the non-metal material Cosen bandsaws have cut on.

Cosen is proud to provide our equipment to steel mills, aviation & automobile industry, ship builders, machine tool companies and components providers, construction industry and the list goes on. Not only stand-alone machines, we have helped customers design their product workflow and automated production lines.

Cosen envisions a better way to cut in the future and determines to help customers get rid of those pain points – be it inadequate manpower, inefficient bandsaw runtime or difficult cost control. Awarded by Taiwan Excellence 2021, CPC Connect, an industry 4.0 plug-and-play cutting optimization and reporting tool designed by Cosen, helps you understand the past, grasp the present and plan the future.

Global Sales & Service

Cosen sells globally through authorized partners and dealers who provide you saw recommendation, stock machines, installation, operator training, after-sales support including spare parts to minimize lead time to get the machine up and cutting. Cosen also provides remote assistance to diagnose machine failures and make recommendations.

Made-in-Taiwan Quality with Global Footprint

Cosen makes bandsaw machines that last and, in many instances, even for three decades. We produce bandsaws in Taiwan using quality components sourced from Taiwan, Japan and Germany. Cosen’s product reliability is proven by repeated sales coming from Europe and the U.S. over the years. With a direct branch located in Charlotte, NC, we are right at customers’ doors to listen and in turn incorporate experiences directly into product design.

Dedication to Product Reliability

Cosen is ISO-9001 certified on quality management system and Conformité Européenne (CE) certified by TUV. We dedicate ourselves in continual improvement in internal process to ensure product quality. As importantly, we keep updating ourselves with regulations and trends in product design. Cosen devotes every effort to make reliable bandsaw machines that customers of the present and the future desire.


About Cosen


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