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Cosen continuously challenges, meets customer expectations, and co-creates pinnacles with customers | Cosen's branded bandsaws are available for sales in 80 countries, including North America (Since 1989), Cosen has, from the very start, set its mission clear on competing directly with the best in the world.

Cosen continuously challenges, meets customer expectations, and co-creates pinnacles with customers

Cosen History

Cosen has transformed from a metal parts fabricator into a renowned bandsaw manufacturer, showing a commitment to quality and innovation in bandsaw manufacturing.

1976Founded Cosen Machinery Industrial Co. Ltd., as metal parts fabricator.
1977Designed and produced the first manual type bandsaw, transitioning ourselves towards professional bandsaw manufacturer.
1980Designed and produced the first automatic roller type bandsaw. Production started covering automatic machines.
1981Designed and produced MH-916JA and MH-1016JAM, two of Cosen’s best sellers and successfully expanded sales to all parts of the world, gaining market share with their attested mechanical precision and efficiency.
1985Developed hydraulic type automatic bandsaw series incl. AH-250H/300H/320H/400H/460H, which quickly became the high runners. The success in launching the automatic hydraulic type series paved the way for Cosen towards producing medium to large bandsaws.
1993Developed the first Numerical Control bandsaw, meeting customers’ needs on saving operation time and becoming the first Taiwanese bandsaw manufacturer in making NC bandsaw.
1994Designed and produced large double column bandsaw machine of sizes between 1000 and 1700mm. Cosen became recognized for our rigidity in machine structure and excellent cutting speeds.
1995Developed automatic horizontal bandsaw that features in NC-99 System.
1996Launched CE compliant machines to meet European industrial safety standards. Developed vertical bandsaw machines e.g. SV-4060, SV-86100, SV-80130 and SV-130160.
1998 Acquired ISO-9001 certification proving quality system concerning machine design, sourcing, production to after-sales service and compliance to EMC.
2004Developed long length feeding bundle cutting system such as C-760FNC.
2005Expanded vertical bandsaw portfolio to include SV-3055H, SV-40130H and SV-6066H.
2008Developed CNC-800DM and accomplished CNC control automatic double mitering structural cutting bandsaw, matching European craftmanship.
2010Developed CNC-530 automatic feeding, cutting, sorting and synchronization with storage system.
2011Developed super high speed FRP glass fiber cutting bandsaw for aerospace industry.
2012Authorized to enter Central Taiwan Science Park.
2013• Cosen’s R&D project ,“High Performance Carbide Tipped Cutting Bandsaw,” (a collaboration work with National Formosa University) received government funding from Central Taiwan Science Park under Academia-Industry Collaboration Plan category.
•Cosen’s R&D project, “Bandsaw Blade Health Analytic Cloud Service,”(a collaboration work with National Chung Cheng University) received government funding from Central Taiwan Science Park under High-Tech Equipment and Advanced Technology Development Plan category.
•Cosen Machinery renamed to Cosen Mechatronics marking our firm steps into the new era of mechatronics engineering, information intelligence and data science.
• Entered the Top 10 Service Center Brands in the bandsaw category in United States (published by Metal Center News, May 2013)
•Received the 21th Taiwan Excellence Award for Cosen’s Horizontal Double Column Smart NC Automatic Bandsaw (C-320GNC) and Vertical Bed Moving Band Saw (SVT-6070H).
2014•Ranked No. 8 in the Top 10 Service Center Brands in bandsaw category (published on Metal Center News, May 2014)
•Entered the last round of 11 candidates in selection of Rising Start Award held by Ministry of Economic Affairs
•Cosen’s R&D project, “High Performance Beam Line Bandsaw Equipment Development” received government funding from Central Taiwan Science Park under Academia-Industry Collaboration Plan category.
• Received Golden Pin Design Award for Cosen’s newly designed C3.
2015•Ranked No. 1 Service Center Brand in bandsaw category (published on Metal Center News, May 2014)
•Launched R&D project “Spindle Design on Beam Line Drilling Head” collaborating with Precision Machinery Research & Development Center (PMC).
2021Received the 29th Taiwan Excellence Award and the Silver Quality Award for Cosen’s CPC Connect, CPC Go and CPC-100 (portable bandsaw doctor to analyze machine health)

Cosen History | Integrate Cutting-Edge Robotics into Your Manufacturing Process

Cosen Mechatronic, based in Taichung, Taiwan since 1976, is a top manufacturer of high-quality CNC bandsaws. Specializing in innovative and precise solutions for automotive, aerospace, and construction industries, Cosen ensures reliability and efficiency in all its products. Committed to superior performance and comprehensive customer support, Cosen Mechatronic enhances productivity and operational efficiency globally.

Cosen was rated as the No. 1 Sawing Equipment Brand by U.S. Metal Center News in 2015 and 2022. In 2016, the company launched the world's first Industry 4.0 Sawing Performance & Health Prognosis App - positioning itself as the technology leader in band saw manufacturing. Cosen manufactures a variety of bandsaws designed for cutting metal materials, distributing its products worldwide. With extensive experience and expertise in bandsaw manufacturing, we provide a diverse range of cutting capabilities tailored to meet the demands of industries including construction, automotive, transportation, wind power generation, and beyond.

Cosen has been providing customers with automated assembly line solutions since 1976, utilizing advanced technology and 55 years of experience to ensure each customer's demands are met.