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Since its establishment in 1976, Cosen saws has continued its growth into one of the world’s largest professional band saw manufacturers. Today's Cosen manufactures over 100 models including manual band saw, semi-automatic band saw, automatic band saw, and NC band saw in types and from 200mm (8") to 2000mm (78") in capacities, With a record of more than 82,000 band saws sold to all five continents including Germany and Japan, Cosen's markets expand internationally to over 80 countries through authorized distributors for the metal cutting industry. Cosen will not recommend our customers a band saw that is not perfectly satisfying all of their purchase considerations. Instead, Cosen always bases its principle on thinking like our customers and understanding their needs. Always putting itself in customers' shoes, Cosen saws will present the right bandsaw not only based on the required metal cutting requirements and production volume but also another extremely important consideration for our customers-budgets.

Years of sawing practices and continuous improvements contribute to Cosen's leading role in cutting performance. Our commitment in making the best band saw reflects itself whether in metal cutting speed or cut-off finish. In addition, Cosen's dedication to innovation brings our customers the widest band saw product lines in today's market. For your special cutting needs, Cosen also custom designs with a comparably fast delivery.

Cosen has spent more than 3 decades in maximizing efficiency and quality in every step of band saw designing, engineering and manufacturing to assure customers of long-lasting performance. In addition to utilizing world brand parts such as Siemens of German, Teiemecanique of France and NOK of Japan, Cosen saws has also earned ISO-9001 standards as well as CE designation and EMC to assure customers around the globe of absolute quality and reliability. 

Today Cosen provides metal cutting band saws, plate saws, billet band saws, CNC band saw, horizontal band saws, vertical ban saws, miter band saws, also the sawing system will another improvement. Base on all different design model machine, Cosen put them in 6 different kind of category :

Plate saws/Block saws Series
COSEN plate saws offer many advantages over our competition with minimum floor space usage through traversing head design, extremely durable construction, and blade deviation monitor. 

Billet saws Series 
Cosen's heavy-duty billet saw feature large section cutting of ANY type of material from solid carbon steel, nickel alloy, to titanium billets. 

NC/SNC/CNC band saws Series 
Large volume of repetitive jobs require a high performance machine. Saws featured here offer high productivity and competitive cutting performance. 

Automatic mass Production-AH-Series 
Most suitable for mass production, COSEN's automatic band saws faciliate heavy duty and high accuracy cutting jobs in a wide range of materials. After loading work pieces and setting the required cut-off length and volumn, the machine will automatically handle all subsequent operations. 

Structural Material Cutting Saws Series 
All Cosen's swivel machines allow precise and accurate miter cutting. For cutting structural steel such as I beam, H beam, pipe, channel, angle steel and etc, miter cutting is required at double sides or single side swivel, miter or straight cutting in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic function. 

General Purpose Saws 
Known for its high durability, COSEN Manual Series offer you the best value in any manual general-purpose saws made today. Industrial duty, reliability, and affordability allow any job shop, tool room, or secondary production job to be handled efficiently and precisely. 

Also the sawing system---it was made up by 6 units which including CNC bandsawing machine, magazine bar-feed system, marking system, rest-piece system, long piece storage and short piece sorting.

Cosen's past 3 decades of nonstop passion and pursuit in producing one of the best band saws in the industry have developed Cosen saws into a mature and fully experienced band saw manufacturer today, Cosen's enthusiasm originated from its founder, Mike Huang, will never stop but pass along to the Cosen family, who are as committed in presenting the best sawing technology to all customers around the globe. Never stopping in progressing, the Cosen family together continues their dedication to bring to you the best band saw.