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【Transforming Manufacturing for the Coronavirus Era and Beyond】

May 29, 2020 ~ Aug 31, 2020
COSEN PREDICTIVE COMPUTING LEAD YOU AHEAD   外貿線上發表會:台灣智慧機械發表會。 COSEN亮點0:40:00~0:50:44!! Transforming Manufacturing for the Coronavirus Era and Beyond   YOUTUBE link:   more


May 13, 2020 ~ May 13, 2021
Thursday, 14 May 2020 STATEMENT From Cosen Mechatronics Co., Ltd and Mechalogix Co. Ltd Cosen Mechatronics Co., Ltd and Mechalogix Co. Ltd;  is continuing its global expansion by enhancing its distribution model.  Cosen Europe B.V. now will be represented by Saw-Tech B.V who will ... more

Smart Machining Starts with Smart Sawing

Feb 26, 2018 ~ Feb 26, 2019
  A CNC band saw manufacturer worked with a university corporate research center to develop a cloud-based predictive maintenance app to not only monitor blade life, but also to predict blade failure. It also monitors overall band saw machine health in real time. Published by   Derek Ko... more

The Hidden Champion – Cosen is the Top 3 Band Saw Manufacturer in the US!

Oct 17, 2017 ~ Oct 17, 2017
(Alice Wu, CEO of Cosen --- photo credit to Chien-Tung Wang.) In March 2017, A Cosen band saw has been selected by The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) to demonstrate how digital technology leads to efficiency in operation and reduction in material waste. Moreover, C... more

EMO 2017 was a Great Success for Cosen!

Oct 01, 2017 ~ Oct 01, 2018
   TechniShow Journal Video - Cosen at EMO  EMO was a great success for Cosen. We attracted hundreds of visitors with our strong and wide product portfolio, including C4, C5, C-300NC, G320, C-420NC, SH-710LDM, and SH-460M.   C-Tech Series C4 is the latest model added to Cosen... more

Cosen was Rated No.5 in Producers Analysis and Top Sellers of Global Bandsaw Machine Market 2017

Aug 18, 2017 ~ Aug 18, 2017
The Bandsaw Machine Market 2017 inspects the execution of the Bandsaw Machine advertise, encasing a top to bottom judgment of the Bandsaw Machine showcase state and the aggressive scene comprehensively. This report breaks down the capability of Bandsaw Machine market in the present and in additi... more

Cosen Introduces Technology That Will Revolutionize the Metalworking & Fabrication Industry

Oct 05, 2015 ~ Dec 31, 2016
  COSEN SAWS Launches MechaLogix Cosen Predictive Computing - A Cloud Based Machine Monitoring Technology. Introducing Technology That Will Revolutionize the Metalworking and Fabrication Industry CHARLOTTE, NC (October, 05, 2015) – Cosen Saws, a leading global manufacturer of industri... more

Cosen was Rated as No.1 Sawing Equipment Brand by U.S. Metal Center News in 2015

May 01, 2015 ~ May 01, 2015
Which brands of equipment drew the most support in this year’s Metal Center News Top Brands Survey? Cosen and other brands lead their categories on MCN’s Top 5 Service Center Equipment Brands lists for 2015.   More Information more

2014 Golden Pin Design Award --- NC Fully Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw

Jan 01, 2014 ~ Jan 01, 2014
  Cosen's NC Fully Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw has won 2014 Golden Pin Design Award. More Information more

2013 Taiwan Excellence Awards --- C-320GNC & SVT-6070H

Jan 01, 2013 ~ Jan 01, 2013
  Horizontal Double Column Gantry Type Smart NC Automatic Band Saw C-320GNC Upgraded from one of Cosen’s best-seller, C-320GNC takes a leap toward perfectionism – with every detail carefully considered and executed to make it dream metal cutting saw, has even gained attention fr... more