Semi-Automatic Linear Guided/Double Miter-Cutting Horizontal Band saw

SH-510LDM, this large capacity and compact sized machine needs relatively small space when compared to machines with the same capacity 320mm(12.6”). The SH-510LDM features hydraulic lifting of the saw frame and full stroke hydraulic vise. These features enable semi-automatic operation to securely hold the work piece, cut, and return the saw frame to a preset work height. Large, heavy-duty trunion and swivel ‘n’ lock mechanism allows for up to 60 degrees of mitering capability. Both models are an excellent choice for diverse job shop needs.


 The Cosen SH-510LDM is available in 3 variants:

- LDMB (Basic)

- LDMM (Manual)

- LDMA (Automatic)


Standard Accessories

- Linear guided saw frame
- Synchronized wire brush
- Solid guide arm mounted directly under saw frame and traverses in sync with the vise via dual linear guides
- Split vise
- Removable chip bin or optional screw-type chip conveyor
- Idle roller at front and back end of the sawing table
- Full stroke cylinder vise
- Easy to read angle scale
- Manual saw frame swivel and quick-angel-lock with a long lever (SH-510LDMM)
- Hydraulic swivel and angle locking & automatic angle positioning upon entry of angle (SH-510LDMA)
- Hanging control panel swivel-able between front and back of the saw frame for ease of operation (SH-510LDMM)
- Independent control station with wheels & quick connector for ease of installation and transportation (SH-510LDMA)
- Dual valve controlling cutting speed and pressure
- 7" HMI Touch Screen for operation and cutting information display (SH-510LDMA)



- Mist Spray Unit
- Angle display on the saw frame (for SH-510LDMM)
- Integration with positioning system (for SH-510LDMM and SH-510LDMA)
- Chip Conveyor
- Hydraulic Top Clamp


Possible with COSEN MPS!
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+45°  +60°
320 mm (12.6")
320 mm (12.6")
200 mm (7.9")
25-100 m/min
4980 x 34 x 1.1 mm (195"x 1.3"x 0.043") 
3 HP (2.238 kW)
1 HP (0.375 kW)
1/8 HP (0.09 kW)
780 mm (30.7")
SH-510LDMA: 1440 kg / SH-510LDMM: 1405 kg / LDMB: 1325kg
2550 x 2463 x 2050 (100.4" x 97" x 80.7")
Capacity Round
Capacity Rectangle(HxW)

Blade Speed
Blade Size (LxWxT)
Blade Cant
Blade Motor
Coolant Motor
Workbed Height
Gross Weight
Floor Space (LxWxH)
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice & obligation.
*Machines may be shown with some options.