The Hidden Champion – Cosen is the Top 3 Band Saw Manufacturer in the US!

Oct 17, 2017 ~ Oct 17, 2017 Taichung, Taiwan

(Alice Wu, CEO of Cosen --- photo credit to Chien-Tung Wang.)

In March 2017, A Cosen band saw has been selected by The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) to demonstrate how digital technology leads to efficiency in operation and reduction in material waste. Moreover, Cosen attracted a lot of attention at  EMO Hannover  this year by presenting its revolutionary technology which allows monitoring and operational control of the machine through mobile devices.

Integrating big data and AI technology with traditional machine tools, Cosen is able to compete in the global market. 65% of Cosen band saws have been sold to European and American market. Cosen has proudly contributed to the rebuilding of World Trade Center, foreign car productions, and the aerospace parts making industry in the US.

Chien-Chung Huang, Secretary-General from Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association, stated that band saw is the most basic equipment for any machinery factory; it is responsible for cutting the material to the right size before going into precision machining. Alice Wu, CEO of Cosen, believes that a factory cannot operate well without a quality band saw that performs high-precision cutting and maximizes material usage.

(C-780FNC --- photo credit to Chien-Tung Wang.)

How could Cosen become the top 3 band saw manufacturer in the US?

Mu-Shui Huang, President of Cosen, started this business 40 years ago in Hsinchu, Taiwan and entered US market 13 years later. Taking Cosen to global, Huang was aware of the importance to consider the fact that different nationalities may have different values on machine usage. Americans strive for durability of the machine; they are looking for machines that are able to operate for 20-30 years. On the other hand, Chinese pay attention to constant renewal; they often replace the machines every 1-2 years.

Furthermore, “machine customization” is also an advantage for Cosen to enter US market. Cosen is best at machine design and electromechanical integration. Being able to meet different needs for different users, Cosen was rated as No.1 sawing equipment brand by U.S. Metal Center in 2015, leading ahead of Kasto from Germany and Amada from Japan.

Toward Industry 4.0

5 years ago when people were still unfamiliar with the word “Industry 4.0,” Cosen cooperated with Dr. Jay Lee, Research Professor at University of Cincinnati who is an expert in Industry 4.0. Developing the predictive analysis system, Cosen established another company  MechaLogix  to focus on hardware-software integration.

Before the establishment of this predictive AI system, Cosen’s customers had a hard time monitoring the machine and predicting blade breakage. Therefore, Cosen installed 11 sensors to the machine along with machine learning and AI technology, enabling machine performance monitoring as well as blade life prediction. Cosen also designed smart dashboard for the customers to remotely monitor the machine in real-time.

However, these sensors are also exposing the problems of the machine. “You have to be confident about machine quality. Otherwise, you are telling your customer how bad your product is,” said Alice Wu. Fortunately, Cosen is able to solve the problems step by step through data analytics; those 11 monitoring points are now reduced to only 3.

“Customers don’t purchase your machine because of the amount of sensor it has. They are looking for worry-free product,” said Alice Wu. She believes quality assurance is essential in trust-building with customers and in maintaining a long-term business relationship.

Foreign customers don’t come to Taiwan for an expensive, high-class car but a safe, efficient one which can take them home as soon as possible. “This is the kind of machine we are making – a machine that cuts smoothly and lets you go home without worries,” said Alice Wu. With situational awareness and crisis management, Cosen has been standing firmly in the competition for 40 years. “It is hard to tell if we can live for the next 40 years,” said Alice Wu. She emphasizes that Industry 4.0 is the key for Cosen to continue on the road to success!


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