Semi-Automatic Swivel Head Double Mitering

Cosen employs a rigid, oversized round column design, which keeps the same penetrating angle to the material from top to bottom of cut. The blade cant design is particularly useful when cutting large I-beams or other structural shapes as it creates more even load per blade tooth, thus increasing cutting efficiency and blade life. There is no question that the twin column and canted frame is the way to go at structural cutting.




COSEN SH-1000DM (7.5° blade cant)
±45°  -60°
660 mm (26")
620 mm (23")
400 mm (15.7")
15-90 m/min (49-295 fpm)
8300 x 54 x 1.6 mm (326.8"x 2.1"x 0.063") 
10 HP (7.5 kW)
3 HP (2.25 kW)
1/4 HP (0.18 kW)   
Hydraulic Full Stroke Cylinder
810 mm (31.9")
5570 kgs (12254 lbs)
3750 x 3900 x 2765 (148" x 154" x 109")
Capacity Round
Capacity Rectangle(HxW)

Blade Speed
Blade Size (LxWxT)
Blade Motor
Hydraulic Motor
Coolant Motor
Vise Control method
Workbed Height
Gross Weight
Floor Space (LxWxH)
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