Traversing Head Vertical Plate Saw

Cosen Plate Saws are available in various sizes of throat and bed length. Cosen plate saws offer many advantages over our competition with minimum floor space usage through traveling head design and blade deviation monitor. The biggest advantage Cosen Plate Sawing Systems offer: high quality, high precision,fast cutting rates, and affordable price.




                                                 COSEN SV-170100
Capacity Height 1700 mm (67")
Capacity Throat 1000 mm (39")
Cutting Length 2000-7000 mm (79"-276")
Blade Speed 20-80 m/min (65-262 ft/min)
Blade Size (LxWxT) 10500x67x1.6 (413.4"x2.6"x0.06")
Blade Motor 20HP (15kW)
Hydraulic Motor 3HP (2.25kW) / 2HP (1.5kW)
Coolant Motor 1HP (0.75kW)
Workbed Height 1950 mm (76.8")
Gross Weight 16000 kgs (35200 lbs)
Table Length  5190 mm (204.3")
Floor Space (WxH) 7810x5720 mm (307.5"x225.2")
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice & obligation.
*Machines may be shown with some options.