"What are other benefits I can get besides good price?" As this is the kind of question that concerns any buyer, we are here to inform you about the six benefits you will get from buying Cosen's bandsaws besides our already good price.
1 | Exclusive Design Promises Long-Lasting Endurance
Cosen' s expertise combines the newest designs, sturdiest structures, and most user-friendly features into an extremely durable and easy-to-operate bandsaw machine. Under proper maintenance, it is not uncommon that our machines continue to run trouble-free for 10 or even 15 years as proven by many of our customers.   

2 | Superior Cutting Speed Accelerates Production Volume
Majority of Cosen' s models surpass its competitors in terms of cutting speed by as much as 20 percent or more, saving your time and money. Ask for cutting speed details.

3 | Expertise Guarantees Cost Effectiveness
Cosen’s band saw machines are produced, assembled, and tested by our master technicians with more than 20 years of experiences. Their expertise contributes to a product that has the least malfunctions and requires less saw blade replacement, therefore saving you cost.

4 | Extensive Product Line Nears Customization
Cosen has the most variable and complete production lines including vertical, horizontal, manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic, NC-controlled, one-sided or double-sided miter cutting bandsaws. There are over 83 different types of band saws for your selection. We will recommend the most appropriate saw based on your cutting material, cutting capacity, cutting conditions, and budgets. We will not let you purchase a machine that is not appropriate, over capacity, or too expensive. We always put ourselves in your shoes and consider your benefits and needs, and you will never be forced to purchase a saw that you do not want or need. Ask for brochures or Search My Saw now.

5 | High Quality Combines with Affordable Pricing
Cosen uses high quality driving parts and control parts because our band saws are widely recognized and favored by customers in Europe. We insist to use European and American brand parts in the important components of the machine to ensure quality and to facilitate customers’ after-sales purchases. Underneath every Cosen saws’ modern looking exteriors is always a well-built and reliable machine. Ask for details on parts.

Absolute dedication is what we are about
Cosen is dedicated to continuously improve and progress toward absolute professionalism. Whether it is in the products, amongst our team spirits, or our constant striving efforts to 100% satisfy customers, absolute professionalism is the goal to reach, and absolute dedication is how we are going for it.

Cosen’s dedications for our customers are :
• Dedication to find the best answer to customer's sawing requirements
• Dedication to provide sawing technology at a reasonable cost
• Dedication to customer satisfaction