Smart Beam Line

Cosen Smart Drilling and Sawing Line for Structural Steel Fabrication

Cosen integrates the sensor data from the three major components of the structural steel fabrication line – bandsaw machine, drilling machine, and in-feeding/out-feeding system. We upload this key data to Cosen remote service platform to achieve failure prediction and diversified production. Through algorithm, machine learning, and data collecting, we develop advanced applications including machine health assessment and self-adjustment mechanism to further upgrade this smart factory with maximum utilization.

  • Heavy duty designed specifically for cutting structural steel, including angles, channels, tubes, H-beams, etc. at the maximized cutting conditions
  • With automatic in-feeding/out-feeding system, our CNC miter-cutting bandsaw helps you achieve automatic manufacturing and management
  • Equipped with advanced industrial computer, CNC controller, and programing software which is capable of importing and exporting DSTV files
  • Standard network connection and remote monitoring module for better maintenance and program optimization


Watch the video

  • Connectable Structural Steel Bandsaw Machine
  • Structural Steel Drilling Machine
  • Technical Characteristics and Production Line Layout